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Quality Devotion and Reliance

Factors such as not only the quality of the cutting used in cutting tools but also after sales service and ease of supply are of great importance. As Kama Cutting Tools, we solve the customer problems in the most successful way. You can get more detailed information about our company and our products and contact us if you want to get to know us better. We thank you for your interest in Kama Cutting Tools and wish you success in your works.

About Us

Kama Cutting Tools Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd. Şti.

Kama Cutting Tools Industry and Foreign Trade, since its establishment, is a company that carries out its activities successfully and meticulously. With the developing technology, the need for cutting tools has increased in the metalworking industry. Kama Kesici Takımlar With this increase, Kama Cutting Tools has become the leading company in its sector in Turkey and with this mission for many years to service customers has was made it the target.

Our own brand KC Cutting Tools and other brands with our wide product portfolio of cutting tools, inserts, turning, milling, hole drilling, hole processing and holder tools etc. operations. Kama Cutting Tools with wide range of products will provide your conveniencewe are one of Turkey's most respected and high-quality cutting tool suppliers.

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100% Yield in your production
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The Best Payment Terms
Wide Product Range
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  • Ziraat Bankası :    TR77 0001 0024 2388 7734 7350 01

    Qnb Finansbank : TR29 0011 1000 0000 0061 7609 53

    Yapı Kredi A.Ş :    TR66 0006 7010 0000 0056 3986 87

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  • Tool Holders
    We have different brand choices.
  • Carbide Milling Cutters
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  • Inserts
    We have different brand choices.
  • Cnc Tailstocks
    We have different brand choices.